Looking Ahead

This fall we will be focused on a couple of things. First, we will walk through a short sermon series on Fresh Starts as we examine our relationship with Christ and His Church. Second, we’ll be launching our new mission statement that outlines the process we desire to see happen in believer’s lives. As a church, we are called to make disciples and we want to equip people to be disciples that make disciples.

So decide now that August and September will be a priority for you and your family to be plugged in at First Baptist Mayflower. I know that as we grasp these things together God can transform our lives, families, church, and community. Get ready!

Selfless Serving

We looked this past Sunday at how we are compelled by the love fo Christ to serve our neighbor. We also know that our neighbor is not just the one who is physically near us, but the one that God puts in our path - even if they appear to be an enemy. We are striving to serve one another in the body of Christ and serve the community of Mayflower with the humility, compassion, and kindness of Christ. What about you? How can you be a part of what God is doing through His church? Join us here at First Baptist Mayflower as we love God and love our neighbor!

Pray for the community as the flood waters go down the opportunity to serve goes up. If you want to help you can!
1) Pray - pray for those suffering, pray for those serving
2) Give - https://public.serviceu.com/ContributionForm/15654/?OrgKey=06315f38-0d1b-4263-b30b-2ca6bd17829d&themeid=2591 (this is the disaster relief arm of the Southern Baptist Convention)
3) Serve - join up with us or others to serve those hurting in this time

Church Membership Matters

We’re taking steps to make sure church membership matters at First Baptist Mayflower. We’ll be starting a new small group on May 19th @ 9:30am that is a great place to connect and learn more about the attitudes that encourage us toward biblical church membership. If you’re interested in being a part of the class you can email chris@fbcmayflower.com and let us know. We also have a sign-up sheet that will be in the foyer to get connected.

See what the family of God is supposed to be like as we grow together and work to fulfill the Great Commission!

Things still to come

We’ve added some items to our website since the overhaul. Wondering what is still coming?

We are planning to add:

Our events
Our ministries and ministry leaders
Information about salvation and becoming a church member
Members section for church members

So stay tuned as we expand and improve the website. If there is something you are looking for and do not see feel free to contact us and let us know.